Tools you need to clean an oven

Tools You Need To Clean An Oven

Cleaning always seems like something you do not want to do unless you start it. Once you start it, it just becomes a very therapeutic task. Because of the ‘cause and effect’ result you get, you feel satisfied.

Now, you have to clean your oven because it does get dirty and it can affect the flavor in your food. However, is cleaning an oven a tough task? It sure is lengthy but if you have the right tools with you then it isn’t that tough.

You will like how it occupies your mind and hands. So, let’s check out the tools you need to clean an oven.

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The Tools you need

  1. An oven cleaner. 

The grease, crust, or residue is not going to come out on their own or just with a rub. You have to use an efficient cleaner on it.

In fact, you can use a store-bought one. The problem with store-bought oven cleaners is that you may be sensitive to chemicals. Furthermore, an oven stays closest to the food you consume. So, you have more reason to not buy chemical-based oven cleaners.

The second choice is the safest and quite effective. You can use baking soda, water, and vinegar to clean your oven. The baking soda and water as a paste will deal with the dirt and grease while the vinegar will help you rub them off.

Thirdly, you can even use lemon and water to get the job done. The ultimate choice among these three is on you- choose whatever is easy and safe for you.

  1. Get gloves. 

You have to protect your soft hands from harsh exposure and grease. It is best if you select rubber gloves instead of disposable ones because they will offer you true protection. Apparently, it is essential you get rubber gloves if you are using chemical cleaners.

  1. Newspaper or paper. 

When you clean the inside of an oven, you will have to bring the dirt out. This is why it is best if you place the oven on the newspaper. So, the dirt and grease will fall on the paper and you can dispose of it easily.

  1. A damp piece of cloth. 

You will have to rub the cleaner along with the dirt and grease out. This is why you need a rough damp cloth like a towel. Your hands will not be able to do it alone.

In fact, you may even need more than one piece of cloth if your oven is that dirty.

  1. A sponge maybe.

If the buildup is a lot then a sponge will be able to soak in the dirty water better. Make sure you choose a good quality sponge in this case.

  1. Safety Glasses.

As you will be spraying cleaners or vinegar on the over, you have to protect your eyes. So, it’s best if you wear safety glasses. While the cleaners may not harm your eyes a lot but they sure do sting.

In conclusion

These few tools are enough to give your oven a deep cleanse. The next time you use it, it will cook your food faster and surely make it taste better.

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