How to make a log cabin

How To Make a Log Cabin

Do you want to relax around a place where you can enjoy nature as well as the smell of it? Do you know that if you give a good effort, you can make a little aesthetic house right in your garden. It’s just you have to make sure it is big enough to construct such log cabin there. 

However, making a cabin is still not an easy job. You will need a guidance to have an idea about how you can do it. And we thought to help you out through this write. 

Just by following some simple steps, you can have your own cabin to enjoy. 

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Things to know before building a log cabin

  • Plot your land.
  • Choose a Plan or Kit or Cabin Blueprint.
  • Know what kind of wood or logs you will use. Know about the material. 
  • Do you need help from a pro team?
  • If you are not satisfied with the kit, make changes. 
  • Do you possess a Log Cabin Insurance?
  • Know your budget before constructing.
  • Avoid constructing in winter to reduce splitting, cracking and log checking. 
  • After having the cabin constructed, wash the logs. Then, give a week to the cabin to dry.
  • With a mixture of turpentine and linseed oil, coat the cabin to the outside of the logs. Repeat the process every 5 years.

Step 1. Setting Foundation

Foundation is stated to be the most crucial factor when constructing an establishment. Ensure the foundation and piers are poured below the frost depth. With this, you can be sure that the cabin will be able to withstand natural calamities like an earthquake.

Step 2. Logs Sill

After setting foundation, you will need to lay the ground beams. These will further help in supporting your project. Not only it must connect all the foundations but also further boost the cabin strength.

Step 3. Installing Joist and Subflooring

Have the flooring installed horizontal from the direction of the joist. You have to use materials that are of high quality and strong. You wouldn’t want it to break while you deal with additional weight. 

Step 4. Log Joinery

Now, you will need to raise the walls. Watch out the placement of windows and door. One mistake can lead you to do extra task of undoing previous work. 

To have the log raised easily, face a nail ramp on the side wall. 

Then with block and tackle, pull the log up.

Step 5. Framing your Roof

It can be a little bit tricky to install the roof. You wouldn’t want any leak so make sure you pay attention to details. 

Keep in mind, a roof serves as a system of various log layers that work together for the protection of the cabin. So, it is an important part of the project. 

Step 6. Attachment of Roofing Board or Sheath

With roofing board and sheath, reinforce your roof. This way, it will help resist corrosion and decaying for longer time. Beware plumbing ventilations with leak barriers and make sure you don’t neglect that. 

Step 7. Assembling the Door and Window

Make sure to hunt for right windows and door that will suit your style for finishing touches. After you get the right measurement, purchase all the required materials like grille, knobs, knocker etc. 

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