The fishing tools are the instrument made use of by fish farmers as well as fisher men to harvest or capture fish in the fish ponds, lakes, rivers as well as seas when they grow. The angling devices generally utilized by farmers are:

Fishing spear and harpoons
Fishing trap or cages
Fishing hook
Fishing net
Electric stunning
Fishing spear: This is one of the earlier devices made use of to catch fish. It is made of metals with sharp pointed head. It has a wooden handle. It is made use of to puncture with fishes in the fish pond or rivers.
Harpoons: This consists of a short spear which is linked to a tape. It is mainly made use of to kill big fishes like whales.

Fishing trap or cages: Various sorts of catch are made by fish farmers from raffia hand, coconut leaves, bamboo or walking stick ropes. Baits such as pests, earth worms, tiny fishes, red soap etc. can be utilized to draw in the fish. The traps are created with vast mouth to enable fishes get in the cage.
Angling hooks: These are tiny metal instruments that are rounded and sharp. Angling devices are of 2 types.
Pole and line hook: This include a hook, line constructed from twine as well as a pole. The hook is attached to the line and the line linked to the pole. Baits are connected to the hook and after that thrown right into the water. Any kind of heavy substance like stone can be tied to the line to ensure that it will certainly not float on top of water.POLE AND LINE HOOKclick.
The long line hook: This includes many hooks attached to the line as well as the line connected to a pole each at both end of the stream. The fishes are captured when they want to swallow the lures attached to the hook.LONG LINE HOOK
Fishing net: The fishing net is made from nylon with an ideal mesh size. There are various types of fishing net. These are cast internet, hand or scoop net as well as drag internet.
Cast net: This is occasionally called the throw internet and also it is made use of to trap fishes in water
Hand or scoop web: This is utilized to capture fish in pounds and also rivers. like other web, it is comprised of nylon with iron manage.

Drag internet: This contains a thick rope and also a cork float externally with heavy items of lead at the bottom. It is carried out by 4 fisher males or more. The internet is dragged to the ground and the fishes are removed.

Angling canoes: This is a fishing devices that is taken from hardwood or log with various sizes. From the canoes, the actors web can be thrown into the water to capture fish. It is also utilized to transport caught fish out of the water with the aid of the paddle.
Baskets: The basket is made with walking cane rope or rachis of palm fronds. It is utilized to scoop via the water in order to capture fishes.
Electric stunning: This includes passing an electric current into the water which stuns the fish or makes it unconscious as it swims within the location. This method of harvesting fish threatens since it can result to death if somebody thoughtlessly becomes part of the electrocuted. This method is made use of in developed countries like Britain, U.S.An etc.

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