Average Income of an Interior Designer in Europe

Average Income Of An Interior Designer In Europe

You’re probably wondering what will be the outcome of all the education and hard work that you do as an interior designer. Your income varies quite a lot depending on the geographic location, expertise, and size of the firm you work for. However, there is a rough understanding of the income one can earn throughout a year in Europe as an interior designer. This article will help you decide whether to proceed with your career into interior design or not. 

How Much Can I Earn as an Interior Designer? 

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The entry-level salary of an interior designer is not too shabby or not high either. You will earn somewhat around €23,000 a year including bonuses and overtime pay. As you gather up more experience in interior design, the numbers will go up. A designer with an experience of 1-5 years will be able to earn roughly around €33,000 and once you have an experience of 10 years, the earnings can go up €50,000 per year.

However, keep in mind that these numbers are an average of the salaries of interior designers in different locations in Europe. You may experience a slight change in the salary depending on your client and experience. The pay can also vary not only based on the country but also based on different cities. Job availability plays an important role in the overall income as well. 

The income level can differ based on the niche you specialize in. Some clients have preferences such as vintage design, modern design, etc. You need to develop skills to excel in the niche that you choose to work on. Word of mouth works a vital role in this business, you should influence the clients so that they spread good word of mouth about your work. This will help you land on better projects and rise the income too. 

However, a designer’s success doesn’t solely depend on the money he/she makes. Sometimes, it’s more than just income. Your passion for the work and creativity do define the success rate. In a survey, it’s shown that 78% of designers are happy with their careers. 

Also, interior design has a salary increase of 6.6% in Europe which is quite satisfactory compared to other jobs. However, the economy of the country plays a vital role in the salary increment and it may vary throughout countries across Europe. 

Final Thoughts 

You need to have a proper grasp on the architectural drawings, graphic skills, and relevant software. Also, interpersonal skill is highly important when you’re working as an interior designer. You need to be able to perfectly pitch your ideas so that the clients are satisfied with your project. 

If you manage to gather up the knowledge and maintain the industry standard then you can earn quite a handsome income as an interior designer in Europe.

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